When people hear the term “Tree-Free” they automatically think, “Oh, you mean recycled?” What people don’t realize is that there is a drastic difference in how Tree-Free™ and recycled products are made. Knowing the health benefits alone would stop you in your tracks and make you reconsider everyday products that you use. Products such as paper towels, paper plates, and cups, to name a few. Here are the facts:


  • Made from bagasse, a formerly wasted by-product of sugarcane. Famers were literally throwing this away!
  • Rapidly renewable- grows back in 12 months
  • Made from virgin materials* that out-perform recycled products without harming the planet
  • No added chemicals or bleaches

* A virgin material is a material that has not been previously used or consumed, or been subjected to processing other than for its original production, like that of recycled materials.


  • Recycled paper products originate from trees contributing to deforestation. On average, trees take 20 years to grow back!
  • They often contain harmful chemicals like BPA and Chlorine due to processing through the recycling stream
  • The process to wash and convert recycled material uses more water than tree-free pulping
  • The ink removal process uses harmful chemicals which can pollute waterways with lead, copper, zinc, and chromium

The next time you are at the store, take a moment to look at the packaging of the products you are buying. Don’t forget that Tree-Free™ products have health benefits for you too, not just the environment.

important health benefits for you & the environment

Tree-free vs. recycled

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